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how it all startet

Hey Guys, I would like to welcome you on my Site and I am very pleased, that you are interested in my work. 

I am born in 1981 and I am a freelance photographer living in the German City Osnabrück / Niedersachsen.

Beside the photography, I am working full time in a big HealthCare IT Company as a Sales Representative in a special section for Enterprice Content Management Systems. I am responsible for the regions north and east Germany. I'm part of this Company since 2012.

In generell i am an absolutely positiv person and I love getting connect with other people.

I speak German, Englisch and Turkish fluently. 

lend permanence to the moment"


- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It all started in December 2016, when I bought my first DSLR camera. At that time, it was a big step for me, because I found the prices for "good" cameras to be extremely expensive. Overcoming that first mental hurdle was probably the best decision of my life. The photography has paid me back every price several times and enriched my life in a way, that I would never experienced in any other way. 


But back to the beginning. First of all, I watched countless videos on YouTube every day, because I really wanted to know how every single button in this camera works. I have to confess, in such things I'm just a nerd. 


In the beginning I photographed everything, people, macro, cityscape and landscape. Because of my job, I traveled a lot within germany and I checkt out all the points of interests on instagram an co. The camera was always a part of my bag. 


Soon a small Hobby became passion. 


As life goes by, it took until October 2018 that I was able to make my first "real" photo tour. I left for 9 days and drove from Garmisch Patenkirchen, to the Dolomites, to Berchtesgaden and back. After that, I was really drawn into it. I knew photography will be an important part of my life. 


By now I have been in Norway, Italy, Germany and Turkey on further photo tours. However, Iceland and other countries are already in the planning stage  


The planning, the journey, the experience of unforgettable moments, to use the learned techniques and the joy of post-processing. This total package is simply unbeatable. 

I just love it.


At the moment, I am focused on Landscape photography / Astrophotography as well as People Photography from time to time. 


my workflow - techniques

Usually I start my workflow with importing and organizing my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I always shoot in RAW and post processing is a part in photography, that I really like. I can combine my impressions of that spot, with my feelings and my creativity into the picture.

In the beginning I am using the opportunities of Lightroom for first adjustments. Then my workflow always continues in Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop I am using different techniques and some Plugins like the NIK Collection for contrast management. 

I am also using Luminar 4 as a Plugin In. 

For luminosity masks and other useful Photoshop Actions I am also using the action Panel Raya Pro. 

my gear


- Sony 7r III

- Sony 7s Astro Mod.

- Sony 7r


- 16-35mm Sony GM 2.8

- 70-200mm Sony f/4

- 55mm 1.8 Zeiss

- 200-600mm Sigma C. 

- 24mm Samyang 2.8


Move-Shoot-Move Astro Tracker

Haida Filtersystems:

- Pol, ND Filters, GND Filters 


- Rollei Rock Solid Alpha Mark II Carbon

- Manfrotto Elements Traveller Carbon

- Peak Design Secure Strap

- Calumet Pro Series 1330 Backpack


-Sony Remote

-Ayex Intervallometer


(non paid advertisement)  

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