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My Name is Burak Esenbey and I am a semi Professional Landscape- and Astrophotographer from Osnabrück in Germany. 

On this Website I want to invite you to enjoy my Work, see my latest activities and motivate you to join one of our Photo Tours to the most spectacular Places in the World.




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Brand Ambassador for KASE Filters

As a Landscape and Astro Photographer high Quality Filter Systems and Accessories are an elementary Tool in the Field. The wide Range of 

high Class Products from KASE Filters are my preferred Equipment to go.

I am using the Armour Master Set, you can check it out in the KASE Store. 

Brand Ambassador for MoveShootMove

Easy to use, lightweigt 2-IN-1 Star Tracker which I can highly recommend for stunning results of the night Sky. It became a permanent piece of my backpack for Night Images and rotating Timelapse. You can use "BURAK" for a 5% discount in the MSM Shop. Check it out 

Brand Ambassador for Sunwayfoto

Hongkong based high quality Camera Gear Manufacturing for every Kind of Need. I am using the T3640CM Tripod with different Ballheads and additional Accessories. Because of build Quality and the variety of the Products Sunwayfoto is the Company I go for. You can use "BURAKESENBEY" for a 5% discount in the Sunwayfoto Store


"Born in the Alps" is the Motto for these Product which are made for Photographers to deal with cold environments. As a Photographer, i know the cold all too well, so it's good to always have the right warmers and gloves with you. Only those who feel comfortable taking photos have the concentration to deliver a good job. You can use "BURAK2024" for a 10% discount in THE HEAT COMPANY Shop.. 

Brand Ambassador for f-stop Gear.

One of the few Brands I always wanted to work with without alternative.

f-stop stands out with the best quality Backpacks and package Systems in the market. Besides all this, f-stop has been supporting the photography community tremendously for years, which makes them the best in this field as well. f-Stop Shop


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