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  • Nov. 2021 - 3rd Lofoten attempt. Great Journey up North, but also a demanding one with a lot of terrible conditions. Anyway got some great Shots, you can check the Updates on my Lofoten Page.
  • Oct. 2021 - Just returned from Iceland with a bunch of new shots. We made a Cessna flight over the Island and made a lot of Areal Photography. So there is a new Chapter on my Homepage, which will be Updated from time to time.  Other new Landscape shots will shown on the regular Iceland Page.
  • May 2021 - Had an amazing Trip to Tenerife with some special Night Shots. The Sky in the Canaries is just stunning. 



Easy to use, lightweigt 2-IN-1 Star Tracker which I can highly recommend for stunning results of the night Sky. It became a permanent piece of my backpack for Night Images and rotating Timelapse. You can use "BURAK" for a 5% discount in the MSM Shop. Check it out 

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