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Cappadocia Photo Tour


Landscape and Astro Photography


19. - 25. June 2023

Just with the beginning of Summer in Turkey, we photograph one of the most iconic and surreal places not only in Turkey but in the World. Otherworldly rock formations, fairy chimneys and underground cities are only a few highlights in the world capital of hot air Balloons.


Our tour will focus on the Regions of Cappadocia and Kayseri. Since we will be located in Göreme, we won ́t have long distances to our photo locations every day. We will shoot during the day and for a couple of nights.


We as Tour leaders will personally focus on you guys so that you will capture the best photos possible. We will be available 24/7 and help you in every kind of situation. We are pretty sure, that you will have a great time enjoying photography, learning a bit about Turkish culture and eating the delicious Turkish cuisine.

Highlights of the Tour


 - Group Size: 6 participants


 - 2 Instructors 


 - Landscape and Astro Photography


 - Our Accommodation is well located, so we 

   don't lose much time driving


 - Beside Day and Night Photography, we will  

   shoot Wild Horses and depending on the  

   availability of Buffalos


 - Optional Hot Air Balloon flight


 - Transport to all locations is included


 - We will visit a traditional pottery and a Salt         

    Lake shoot images here. 

Our Daily Program


During the Tour, we will photograph every Day. The first and last Days will depend on the arrival and departure times of the participants. To take advantage of the best possible light, we will shoot at every sunrise and sunset.


We will also have some Night Shootings and Daytime events. So that you ́ll get away with a variation of images from this trip.


Since our itinerary is flexible due to the weather conditions, our typical day will look like this:


 - Sunrise photography session. Usually, we will arrive just before the blue hour at the location.

 - Back to our accommodation for breakfast

 - get some rest

 - Image review or Post processing Session or Gear training and recommendations 

 - Lunch

 - Special Events (on specific Days) 

 - Sunset Photography

 - Dinner

 - Night Photography (on specific Days) 


Special Event: 

„Yilki“ Horses


For one sunset session, we will drive to Kayseri and photograph the so-called “Yılkı horses”, semi-domesticated wild horses. In Turkish, “yılkı” means “a free horse living in its own environment.”


Yılkı horses are usually former working horses abandoned in nature by their owners. Although these horses live in herds by themselves, the locals and nomads protect them so they can remain free. We will photograph these beautiful Yılkı horses in their natural environment.


This will definitely be a special photography event you will not forget. The fee for this event is included.  

Special Event:

Hot Air BaLloons


The daily Hot Air Baloon show is one of the most incredible scenes you can witness. We will shoot this spectacle from different angles and including the surreal landscape of Cappadocia will make your images look just insane.


Optional: If you want to enjoy the view from above in a hot air balloon, we will give you the opportunity and organize everything for you. One of the Tour leaders will fly with you in any case, and the other one will stay with clients on the ground. This flight is optional and not included in the tour costs.


Disclaimer: Balloons do not fly when the wind speed reaches 12 kilometres per hour. The authority to make the flight decision belongs to the Slot Service Center affiliated with the General Directorate of Civil.

Special Event:




Depending on their availability, we will do a Sunset Session with a herd of Buffalos in a fascinating atmosphere. 

Special Event:

A traditional pottery


For a midday session, we will visit traditional and authentic pottery. Here you see how the people carry out their craft as they did hundreds of years ago. We will be able to photograph this unique atmosphere with a special light in these rooms, which gives the whole scenery a special look.


We will do a trip to a beautiful Salt Lake in this area to shoot the sunset here

Night Photography


On selected Nights, we will do at least two Night Photography Sessions. Cappadocia is not the best place for Milkyway Photography due to the light pollution in this area.

Nevertheless, we will do some great Night Images and we will have endless great foreground options. Besides Milkyway Photography, we will also have the option for some Star Trail images.


We will help and teach you with advanced techniques to get away with some special


Fitness Level

The walk and hike level is easy. Most of the Terrains we will do are  even. The Daily temperature can be very warm in June, so please be aware of this.


Photographic Level

From beginners to advance. One of our focuses is, that we want to bring you to the next level, and due to we only 6 participants and 2 instructors, we will have enough time for each of you. 




We will do a Zoom (or Skype) call a couple of weeks before the Tour, there you can ask everything you want for your personal preparations. On Tour, we will have a Whatapps group where we will keep everyone informed all the time. 


We will have lovely accommodation in the area of Göreme, single beds in shared (2 People) rooms. Single Rooms are available for an extra fee of 400€. Breakfast will be included



Your safety is always our priority. You can be sure that we will minimize all risks for you. Luckily Cappadocia is a very friendly and safe place, also both guides are able to speak the Turkish language under any circumstances.


Post Processing

When we have some free time, we will do some Post Processing sessions. We will show you some advanced tricks to enhance your images to the next level. We will also do a Gear Review and we will show you the best possible use of them.

What to bring


Despite we will send you a list of everything which is recommended for this tour upon sign-up, and we will discuss everything in the Zoom (Skype) meeting before the trip.


Photography Gear


  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

  • Tripod

  • A wide-angle lens, something between 14-24mm.

  • a medium zoom Lens

  • a telefphoto Lens, like a 70-200mm.

  • Filter Systems

  • Remote Control





the average temperature should be warm and comfortable since we doing the Workshop in June. The possibility of hot temperatures is quite high.


Nevertheless, you should have additional warmer clothes for the night sessions.


We will check the temperatures before the trip and will inform everyone one more time.




The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. There are plenty of possibilities to change Money, at the Airport as in the City at change Stations. Also, most of the Restaurants accept Euro or Dollar (they change it for you).



Other important information

Flights to Cappadocia


Cappadocia doesn't ́t have its own Airport, so we will meet at the Kayseri Erkilet Airport.


Kayseri is around 1 h away from Göreme where we will have our accommodation.


There are just a few flights directly to Kayseri, you will most likely fly over Istanbul (IST) Airport. So please be aware of that.


Additional recommendation: The new Istanbul Airport is huge, so make sure you will have enough time to change the plane at your stop.



Meals are not included in the price of the tour. We will have Breakfast at our accommodation and will eat a couple of times in different restaurants.


Turkey has one of the greatest variations when it comes to food. We are pretty sure you will find some delicious meals to eat.


Also, you will have the possibility to buy some snacks in the supermarkets.


Since the average price for food is moderate in turkey, you should calculate 20-40 € per Day, depending on personal tastes.



Kani Polat 


is an internationally well-known and rewarded Turkish Landscape Photographer based in Bodrum / TR. Kani is an expert on the Region of Cappadocia after countless Tours and Workshops he led over the past couple of Years. He is very knowledgeable about the most photogenic locations in Cappadocia and the Places next to this Place.


He will definitely make sure, that we will be at the right place at the right time, to get the most epic images from Cappadocia


Burak Esenbey 


is a Germany-based international Landscape and Astro Photographer. Recently Rewarded as one of the 25 best Milkyway Photographer of the Year  ́22 and published on News Sites like the Guardian, El Pais, Vice, Geo, Sky or GMX.


Like Kani, he loves educating and teaching other to about Photography, so that they can bring their Images to the next level.


With their experience and sense for the special composition and moment, they will make sure that this Tour will be much rewardable for all participants.



The price for this Tour is 1200 €


A 600 € is required to reserve your Spot for the Workshop. 

The remaining balance is 2 month before the start of the tour. If the remaining balance is not paid in full by the due date, you will lose your spot. 

What´s included


- Airport transfers and all transportation from/to Hotels

- Guidance by professional landscape and astrophotographers.

- Fuels and parking fees during the trip - Accommodation in shared rooms.

Single beds with private bathroom. (private rooms available with an additional fee of 400€)

- Breakfasts in the accommodation and welcome Dinner

- Post Processing Sessions and Gear education

- Service Fees for the Horseman and the Pottery

What´s not included


- Airfare from/to residence from/to Kayseri Erkilet Airport

- Food and beverages except for the breakfasts and the welcome Dinner

- Travel and any kind of other insurance - Any visas or entrance fees into turkey

- Personal expenses and drinks

- Hot Air Baloon rides (Costs are from


- Entrances for any other activities like in

the included section.

Cancellations & Refunds


- +31 Days or more before departure: If your spot is filled by another participant, we will be happy to refund you the full amount back. If we cannot fill your spot, there will be a 300€ cancellation fee for you..


- 30 Days or less before departure: if your spot is filled by another participant, an administrative fee of 100€ will be charged. If we cannot fill your spot, the deposit fee of 600€ will be charged.


The minimum Number of Participants for this Tour is 4 people, otherwise, this tour can be

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