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Hey guys,

not everybody is able to travel a lot, but everybody should have a chance to edit, to develop skills,  some raw images from different places.

so please follow the rules and you have my permission to download, edit and probably share 5 of my shots on social media.

just some simple rules:

1. you can download how many shots as you want. there is no restriction 

2. if you share a shot on social media, you need to tag me in the description and you have to use additionally the hashtag 

#burakesenbey_ffa  (so we can check all the different edits on one view)

3. that's it   - you can also tag me in your insta-Story and I will share it too :) 

4. don't forget to register on my newsletter.  you will be informed, when I change these images with new ones. (I will do that from time to time) also there will be some interesting other subject, competitions and promotions for you.

download here

if you had any issues, please contact me

shot 1 - berchtesgaden / germany



shot 2 - krün / germany


shot 3 - pass giau / italy


shot 4 - hamnoy / norway


shot 5 - tre cime / italy

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