Lofoten / Norway

Tenerife is a perfect Place for Astro Photography. The Teide National Park with a altitude above 2000m offers plenty of Compositions in this surreal area. in addition, the mid-clouds cover the light pollution, which leads to the fact that many details of the Milky Way are beautifully visible.

Italian Dolomites

What can be more perfect then Mountain and Stars? not much... The Italien Dolomites are one of the most unique Places in the World. Litterally the Place where my love for Landscape Photography startet. 

Seceda Pano.jpg
Iceland 1.jpg


Turkey has a lot of many incredible Places to offer, not only the Bazaars and Beaches. Also there are many Places which are really Dark on the Bortle Scale, which makes it great for Astro Photography


Here i made my first tiny steps into the Night Photography. Tiny steps which became passion.... 

Röhn-Pano Kopie2.jpg
_DSC4399 Kopie.jpg


Sometimes we witness special astronomical events, sometimes it's just the beauty of the moon