Tenerife in Spain is a perfect Place for Night Shootings. The Teide National Park with his surreal Rock Formations is an excellent Environment to combine Astro- and Landscape Photography. On a Altitude with over 2000m above Sea Level, most of the Light Pollution is blocked by mid clouds and so you have extrem dark skies to get more Details out of your Shots. 


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The Galactic Center

The Galactic Center (or Galactic Centre) is the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy; it is a supermassive black hole of about 4 million solar masses, which powers the compact radio source Sagittarius A. It is approximately 8 kiloparsecs (26,000 ly) away from Earth in the direction of the constellations SagittariusOphiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears brightest. - Wiki.

From a Photographer Point of View, this is the Milky Way Region everyone want in his Frame. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Milky Way Core Season starts around March/ April until October, depending where you are located. The more south you are, the more you can see of the core and right part of the Milky Way